Smiling Springtime

The sun is bright and clear in between rainstorms in Sacramento, Clouds are billowing by way up high, and everything is bright green, green, green. Soon it will be summer and all will be brown and dry, so I am enjoying this lovely temperate weather while it is here. There is a cat sprawled out across my desk in the sun by the window, and one lounging in the open banjo case. I have been clacking away all day at the computer, planning tours and corresponding with many folks. I am excited to get up and get to work each morning. That is something I have wished for for many months, but it has remained out of reach. Suddenly, it is here.

I love my therapist. I love my sponsor. I love these lazy varmints that roam the house. I love the springtime, and I love to write songs. This Songs of the People project was a total wild card, but I am so happy with it. The songs are a real honor to write, and it really is a breath of fresh air to write about someone else. Self absorption is a horrible swamp of quicksand that shrinks your world till it hurts like tiny shoes, and never resolves in an endless funnel of insanity… yuck. I prefer cats by the window and songs for others.

I’m working on some crazy long tours for this year! (nothing gets me going like long drives:) I will be heading up the 5 in two weeks here, a well-trod route that never gets boring. Well, not often, anyway. Then in August, I will take my yearly pilgrimage to Song School and the Rocky Mountain Folks Fest. I’ll split some shows with Iowa boy River Glen, the hit up the Storyhill Festival in MN. Then since I’m already out there, how bout a show in Chicago. Then hey – might as well go down to the Southeast and play some shows with my buddies from Humble Tripe, and visit my baby bro in North Carolina. I’ll be looking to do some shows on the eastern seaboard, I’ll keep you posted! Then I get to ramble my happy ass back to Cali, possibly through the Southwest. In October I will make another run up to the Northwest with my new album, returning the favor and bringing Humble Tripe to the west.

I’m so excited to get back on the road. It has been a strange two years; one that, now looking back, was absolutely essential to my development as a musician and a human being. Not exactly what I planned, but it usually works out better that way. As long as one takes reality into account.

Happy springtime!


4 thoughts on “Smiling Springtime

  1. HI Joe,

    Beautiful writing about your springtime down there. We had one day here in Portland and everyone was out – not today, but we are waiting fro that “lucky old sun”!! Good hearing of your craft and your travels to be! Love, Aunt Ann

  2. hey joe,

    glad to hear you are planning a roadtrip tour. way to combine work and love.

    hope we can cooridinate a hike on the PCT sometime in there.

    thinking of you!


  3. Yes please to Southwest swing-and yes kitties are the most healing things I know!
    best best best to you Joe!
    Lisa E

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