Songs of the People

Hey folks!

I would like to announce a new project I am kicking off here, called Songs of the People.

Through my teaching, I have recently re-learned the potential for healing with the song. You’d think I’d know that already, since I’ve been keeping myself sane by writing and listening to songs since I was a wee one, but working with others to write songs about their lives has put a whole new spin on it. Following the loose rules for writing a compelling song actually forces a person to look into themselves for that universal human experience within them – the tension and release, the overcoming of some obstacle or trauma, etc. Creating a cohesive narrative of one’s life and experiences has the potential to re-integrate the frozen parts of ourselves, enabling us to see our story outside of ourselves, and move on from old thought patterns we are locked in.

In this new project, I would like to offer that experience to you. If you are willing to spend an hour on the phone or on Skype with me and tell me your story, I will write and produce a song about your experience as a human on this earth. I find that people who don’t consider themselves songwriters, or writers at all, say the most profound things when they open up about their lives, without even knowing it. This could be a general song about your greater life path, a specific trial or trauma, a relationship, or whatever. It doesn’t even have to be huge and heavy, it could be funny, enlightening, inspirational. But if you are willing to go there with me, I am willing to do what I do best and tell your story through song. What I would love to do with these songs is put them in a collection album and send them out into the world, if you so choose.

A few notes here – I will want to pry a little, gently and with your consent, of course. Often the best material is where you least expect it. I will also need to retain artistic license in this process, I cant do any extensive rewrites, but I will consider amendments of inaccurate information. I will retain the rights to these songs, and there won’t be any royalty payments made to any of the participants.

For $140, I am offering this song for you, produced (meaning dressed up with other instruments as necessary) and recorded and sent to you in an MP3 format, for you to duplicate, send out, give as a gift, do whatever with (except sell for a profit).

The process will look like this – we will chat on Skype preferably, or on the phone for as long as we need to find the good stuff. I will ask you to tell me your story, I will ask you questions, take notes, and maybe strum a little on the guitar to find a groove we both like. In about two weeks, I will send you your song. When I have gathered enough songs, we will put out a compilation CD (I’ll keep you posted on that process).

If you are interested, please contact me at coyotejoestevens (at)

2 thoughts on “Songs of the People

  1. Joe,

    I would love to do this at some point, but can’t make the financial commitment right now. The depth of your writing always moves me deeply, both on your blog and in your songs. Would love to delve into my stories with you – stories are a gift that are often uncovered when they are shared. If you hit a dry period and want to check back with me later, I would be open to that.

    Best of luck in this new project! I look forward to hearing your new songs.

    Diane Bailey

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