Sea Voyage

late night.

i bet that sometimes on a voyage at sea, there might be stretches of days when the weather is static, only a light breeze, and the horizon stretches out in all directions. you might watch the sun all day make its slow way across the sky. maybe your perspective would get all turned around – the sun seeming fixed as you somersault through space, or the sun seeming to fly in circles around your inert planet. so still, in fact, the water barely even moves. yet still the boat trundles on and the days tick by. barely a bird has been seen since who knows when, nobody remembers. the lapping of the wee waves becomes rhythmic and your mind slips into a kind of meditation. you start to feel you have been on this boat forever, and will continue just as long. there is a journey happening but it’s hard to see from here. you might wonder if you will ever reach your hypothetical destination. you can’t help but create a view of it in your mind, even though you know you can never know until you see it. does it exist? will i be disappointed? what if we never make it and just float out here for eternity? what would be worse?

you start to sink into the days, the still, and go about your daily duties with increasing intention. there is less and less reason to hurry, less and less to distract and cloud the mind. worries come and go. and there you are, on your boat, waiting, working, existing, on your voyage. there will be sights and storms soon enough.


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