In The Studio

So I tore up the guest bedroom and turned it into a recording studio. Mattresses upright on the wall, covering the window, an obstacle course of home made baffles, cables, mic stands, and stringed instruments in the tiny room. You seriously cant move in any direction without bumping a guitar or a symbol or a microphone. It’s awesome. With my amazing new computer and headphones I have been clacking away at the nice new keys (all of which are present) and laying down tracks under the soft glow of old Christmas lights. The cats are curious and must investigate when the door finally opens; Girlfriend has been displaced from her lair of safety, but she is surviving. All in the name of art.

I am currently working on a project with Amy Matarazzo from the Bay Area. Amy originally responded to my offers for songwriting work shopping, and when I heard her tunes, it became apparent that she didn’t need songwriting help, it was time to make an album. Perfect timing! Funny story – Ingrid and I once played at Women’s Weekend in Guerneville. We had to bring the PA so we were scrambling to get things together, and at about the time the gig was supposed to start, I realized I had forgot my guitar at home…. never have I made such an error! (oh, except that one time I left my guitar in Cincinnatti after three hours of driving. Good thing the next day was a day off!) Anyway, home was 40 minutes away, and we were already 10 past show time. All I could think of to do was to ask the waiting crowd, like a true professional, if anyone had a guitar they could lend me. I was terrified of what kind of sad axe I was going to have to make due with, but I should have known – being Women’s Weekend, someone was bound to have a decent guitar. Up came the more than decent guitar, complete with a pick up and capos, and the hero of the day was none other than Amy! I have told that story countless times, and it was awesome to have our paths cross again. We just spent three days holed up in the studio cave, and it is such a joy to be working with such well written, genuine songs. I am not generally one for love songs; due to their over-saturation in the market my bar is pretty high, and often they feel like an easy fall back topic without much meat to them (but this could also be because I have been a grumpy old drunk). But Amy’s tunes are diverse in content, and the love songs are hearty and just make me melt like a big softy. Genuine is the best word I can think of to describe them. We are aiming for late January for release on this project, I’ll keep you posted.

For my project, I am aiming for an early spring release. A spring west coast release tour is in the works, and I will be so ready to get back out on the road after being cooped up all winter. Before I truly barracade myself in, I will be heading down to Tucson until Dec with Bennett Wallace for some shows with Courtney Robbins, and then to Long Beach for a show and Thanksgiving with my closest of chosen family, Amy and Griselda. You might catch me slinging some sandwiches down at Sliced and Diced Eatery on Anaheim and Obispo in Long Beach!

Life is good, things are percolating, and the cats are happy. And that, to me, is a very good sign.


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