Teaching and New Songs!

Hey folks!

We’re getting a small respite from the killer heat down here in Sacto, we might actually get below 90 degrees next week! I’m gonna need to bust out my sweater.

I have to say, the lessons are going great! I have six students right now, five of them are on Skype, and so far there have been no technical issues! If anyone else is interested in lessons, contact me! Joe@coyotegrace.com. If you just want one lesson, a few, every other week, or whatever – it has been a great way for me to get back in touch with fans and friends, and my own learning process. I’m teaching guitar, banjo, and songwriting. Hit me up!

My main goal right now, hence the lessons – Joe needs a new computer… I have a sad old white Mac Book that has seen more miles now than my van: it is dirty, has a busted lid, is missing a key, slower than slow, noisy, and the rainbow pinwheel of death threatens me multiple times a day… There is no way I can make a new recording project with this old rusty wagon, and it is time to lay some tracks down. The songs are finally coming down the conveyer belt (halleluiah!!) and I want to catch them as they come. I’ll put a few up soon. If anyone wants to help – get a friend a guitar lesson 🙂

In other news, I will be coming down to So Cal for the first 10 days on Nov with my songwriting pal Kate Graves, stay tuned for show dates! I know for sure we will be in Long Beach on Nov 9th at my old stomping grounds, Viento Y Agua. Looking forward to being back on the road.

That’s it for now! Hope everyone is having a good week 🙂




2 thoughts on “Teaching and New Songs!

  1. Dear Joe, We have some of your good heat up here! Glad to hear the tunes are flowing! and you are teaching too and traveling! Yay! Love, Aunt Ann

  2. Joe. Just a thought…. But there are several sites like. GoFundMe.com. You could put what you on there and the amount you need and people can donate directly! We all want to hear your music. And that way, anyone can donate any amount. ;-). Blessing on your continued journey. Erin

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